06DEC2019 Minutes

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Call To Order

A Engineering meeting of the OC Engineering club, was held on Dcember 6, 2019. The meeting convened at 4pm, President Raymond Simpson presiding, Dylan Jensen, vice president, and Yuval Martin, acting recorder.

Members in attendance

Raymond Simpson, Yuval Martin, Dylan Jensen, Joel Martin, Vincent Radosevich, Isaac Tran

Treasury Report

The President Reported that OC Club Congress had $7500.00 for the remainder of the year for all the clubs.

Old business

  • Engineering Club support for the Garden Club to was discussed
  • The President Raymond Simpson gave a short overview of his meeting with the Club Congress
  • Joel Martin reiterated to the Vice President the need to gain control of the Engineering Club Email Group.

Garden Club Support

Motion: Moved by Raymond Simpson to continue support for the garden Club. Motion carried.

New business

  • Introduction to the Wiki Site was made by Joel Martin
  • Introductions of new members Isaac Tran, and Vincent Radosevich where made.
  • Brief Overview of RobotX Team was discussed.

  • Motion: Moved by the Board to continue with RobotX project as the clubs primary activity.
  • Motion carried.
  • Action Items: All members agreed to continue to work on first phase of program: planning.

Club Logo

  • Motion: Moved by Joel Martin that the club adopt a logo.
  • Motion carried.
  • Action Items: Joel agreed to try and get a logo design from the club

Business Cards

  • Motion: Moved by Joel Martin that the club should acquire business cards to enhance recruitment..
  • Motion carried.
  • Action Items: Several members will look into the business cards.

When is next meeting/event

  • The next meeting was agreed for fist week of winter quarter, but that team members for RobotX would try and get together over the holiday to work on RobotX.

Approval of minutes

Motion was made by Joel Martin, and seconded to approve the minutes of the 06DEC2019 meeting. Motion carried.


The meeting was adjourned at 1700. Respectfully Submitted by Yuval Martin, Dylan Jensen, and Joel Martin