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Basic Concept

"A Digital Ecosystem (DE) is any distributed scalable network allowing data to flow freely between its nodes and allowing trusted interpreters to access, edit or extrapolate value of the data."[1]

Digital Artifacts

Digital components that construct the DE, and are created using standards, tools, and guidelines consistent with engineering disciplines for the purpose of building a digital infrastructure.

  • models
  • views
  • technical products

Digital Artifact Examples[2]

  • Project Specifications
  • Technical drawings
  • Design documents
  • Interface management documents
  • Analytical results
  • Bills of Material (BOM)
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Machining instructions
  • Test procedures and Test Results
  • Schedules: Development, Design, Building, Test, Integrate

OCRobotX Team Responsibilities in the Digital Ecosystem

Project Leadership

  • Communicates requirements in developing digital artifacts
  • Communicates appropriate/acceptable Digital Artifacts and what they are used for

Project Manager

  • Develop a plan to bring together component parts of digital artifactson the RobotX project
  • Ensure that digital artifacts support technical cohesion.
  • Ensure reviews and management of digital artifacts
  • Verify and validate that digital artifacts are interoperable, appropriate, and correctly applied or developed.

System Integrator

  • Ensure that DE activities meet project manage ment intent.
  • Understand that digital artifacts are used as part of technical cohesion.
  • Oversee the development of DE requirements
  • Ensure digital artifacts are:
    • up-to-date
    • consistent
    • interoperable
    • accessible
    • uncorrupted and safely stored

Team Leads and Teams

  • Understand the significance of digital artifacts and how these products support the project
  • Enable interoperable digital artifacts
  • Properly document specifications, prototypes, models, design analysis, tests and test results


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