Project Management

Project Management Proposed Timeline

RobotX Project Management Timeline

Project Manager and Team Positions

Project Manager
Marine Science
Subsystems Integrator
Engineering Team Manager
Team Management
PR Manager
Public Relations
Financial Manager
Finances and Fundraising

Core Competencies

  • Create Direction, Alignment and Commitment
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Excels at decision-making
  • Primary Leadership and Planning (leader of leaders)
  • Leads Conflict resolution
  • Engages in negotiation
  • High Degree of Adaptability
  • Stress Tolerant

Primary Roles and Responsibilities

Plan and implement the RobotX project though the Digital Ecosystem

Help define project scope, goals and deliverables

Define tasks and required resources

Recruit and manage project team leads

Manage overall budget

Allocate project resources

Create and Manage schedule and project timeline

Track deliverables

Monitor and report on project progress(Maintain OC RobotX Wiki)

Apprise all stakeholders on progress as well as problems and solutions

Implement and manage change when necessary to meet project outputs

Evaluate and assess result of project