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OC Primary Goals OC Team.jpg

OCRobotX Logo
  • Partner with WSU Engineering Clubs to achieve success at RobotX Competion
  • Build and Maintain a Talented group of students pursuing continuous project evolution
  • Develop a recruiting pipeline that encourages participation from Highschool and College Freshmen all the way through Graduating Seniors

Current Projects

Application for WAM-V platform

Past Projects

Holonomic Robotic Platform

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  • Several Members are constructing a Holonomic Robotic Platform to learn how to write software, and design hardware with electronic integration, for the purpose of using these skills in constructing the Wam-V Propulsion, Control, Guidance, and Sensor sections.

Planning phase for OCRobotX Startup

Robotx Projectect Plan

The RobotX Team uses the Projeqtor Planning Software to manage its Development Schedule.

Engineering Club Officers

Position Member Name OCRx User Page OC Email Alt Email
1. President Naomi-Lynn Fury Miller User:Naomi-Lynn naomi-lynnmiller@student.olympic.edu {{{Alt Email}}}
2. Vice President Yuval Martin User:Yuvalmartin YuvalMartin@student.olympic.edu Yuval.Martin@wsu.edu
3. Recorder Joel Martin User:Joelmartin Joelmartin@student.olympic.edu Joel.e.Martin2@navy.mil
4. Navy Liaison(former RobotX Participant) Joel Martin User:Joelmartin Joelmartin@student.olympic.edu Joel.e.Martin2@navy.mil
5. Financial Manager Giles Miller User:Gilesmiller gilesmiller@student.olympic.edu {{{Alt Email}}}
6. Property Manager Cassandra Miller User:Cassandramiller cassandramiller@student.olympic.edu {{{Alt Email}}}
7. Club Advisor Dr. Gokur Tuncol {{{User Page}}} {{{OC Email}}} {{{Alt Email}}}


Member Name Declared Major OCRx User Page OC Email Alt Email
Cameron Zimmerman Computer Science User:CameronZimmerman CameronZimmerman@student.olympic.edu
Cassandra Miller Accounting Major User:Cassandramiller cassandramiller@student.olympic.edu
Darisse Rancap Electrical Engineering User:DarisseRancap DarisseRancap@student.olympic.edu
Giles Miller Accounting Major User:Gilesmiller gilesmiller@student.olympic.edu
Isaac Ferraro Computer Engineering IsaacFerraro@student.olympic.edu
Joel Martin Electrical Engineering User:Joelmartin Joelmartin@student.olympic.edu JMartinUSN@gmail.com
Kevin Richardson Mechanical Engineering User:Kevinrichardson KevinRichardson@student.olympic.edu
Naomi-Lynn Fury Miller Electrical Engineering User:Naomi-Lynn Email:naomi-lynnmiller@student.olympic.edu
Yuval Martin Electrical Engineering User:Yuvalmartin YuvalMartin@student.olympic.edu Yuval.Martin@wsu.edu

Members Emeritus

Member Name Declared Major OCRx User Page OC Email Alt Email
Dylan Jensen Mechanical Engineering User:Dylanjensen DylanJensen@student.olympic.edu Dylan.Jensen@wsu.edu
Eric Ma Mechanical Engineering User:Wenzoui EricMa@student.olympic.edu Eric.Ma@wsu.edu
Ethan Nolting Electrical Engineering User:Ethannolting EthanNolting@student.olympic.edu Ethan.Nolting@wsu.edu
Jess Macinko Electrical Engineering User:Jess JessMacinko@student.olympic.edu Jess.Macinko@wsu.edu
Justin Pipkins Mechanical Engineering JustinPipkins@student.olympic.edu Justin.Pipkins@wsu.edu
Raymond Simpson Mechanical Engineering User:Raymondsimpson RaymondSimpson@student.olympic.edu Raymond.Simpson@wsu.edu
Ryan McDowell Computer Engineering User:RyanM RyanMcDowell@student.olympic.edu
Sara Anders Aerospace Engineering User:SaraAnders SaraAnders@student.olympic.edu
William Tablan Electrical Engineering User:Williamtablan WilliamTablan@student.olympic.edu William.Tablan@wsu.edu


Mentor Name Discipline OCRx User Page Email
Josh Stark-Dykema Mechanical Engineer User:Joshstark-dykema
Shannon M. Naranjo Data Analyst/Intel Analyst/Teacher/Navy Senior Enlisted Leader User:Shannonnaranjo SMN_naranjo@hotmail.com

Club Ledgers

The Engineering Club maintains several Ledgers for the purpose of supporting the RobotX project.

Ledger Types

Club Minutes

Club Calendar


Data Pages

OC E-Club Ledger Data